Art. 28132 Intex Easy Set Pool




This pool is ready to be filled with water in  about 15 minutes !


Art. 28132
   Intex 12ft Easy Set Pool w/Filter Pump (366 x 76 cm)

Size (diameter x height): 12 ft x 30 in (366 x 76 cm)
Includes pool, video and filter pump 500 gal. (1,890 L) /hr
Water capacity (80%): 1,353 gal. (5,121 L)
Shipping weight: 19 kg

Price 8’290 Baht    Your price:  4’990 Baht




Optional Air Pumps

 Art. 69611  Bellows Foot Pump

Art. 68612  Double-Quick I High-Output Hand Pump

Art. 68609  Quick-Fill 230V/12V Electric Pump (large)

Matching pool cover:

Art. 28022  12ft (366cm) Easy Set Pool Cover

Matching Pool Ladder:

Art. 28064   Pool Ladder – Pool Height 36in (91cm)

  Optional pool cleaning sets:

Art.28002  94″ (239 cm)  Pool Maintenance Kit

 Matching surface skimmer:

Art. 28000 Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Skimmer



Matching Cartridge Filter: 

(One piece is included with the pool and pump above)

Art. 59000  Medium-Sized Filter Cartridge