Art. 28110  8 ft Easy Set Pool (244 x 76 cm) without pump



This pool is ready to be filled in  just a few minutes !


Art. 28110  8 ft Easy Set Pool (244 x 76 cm)

Size (diameter x height): 8 ft x 30 in (244 x 76 cm)
Includes pool and video
Optional filter pump available (sold seperately)
Water capacity (80%): 568 gal. (2,150 L)
Shipping weight: 9 kg

Price 2’450 Baht    Your price1’990 Baht



Matching cartridge filter pump


Art. 28604  Cartridge filter pump (8-12 ft pools)



Matching Pool Cover


Art. 28020 8ft (244cm) Easy Set Pool Cover


To maintain clean pool water you will need:

1 Chlorine Dispenser
2 Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine Dispenser


Art. 29040  Intex Chlorine Dispenser 5″ (12.7 cm)


Chlorine Tablets


Art. SC012 15 g Chlorine Tablets (30-Pack)


If your pool water turns green, you need to add Algaecide



Art. SC013 Extra Pool’s Algaecide 50 (1 Liter)