In a western country, owning a pool might be considered a luxury. This is a bit different in a tropical country like Thailand. Let’s say, in Thailand with its all-year-round warm to hot climate it is kind of justified to have a pool. But: a conventional pool costs quite some money, it is not in everybody’s reach.

There is a fantastic alternative to conventional pools: AGP, short for Above Ground Pool. Those are pools similar to a kiddie pool with the difference that they are larger and longer lasting. So, they come in all sizes and shapes and they have another great advantage: such a pool can be set up by the owner in a matter of minutes, generally less than an hour.

And the best of all: they are affordable for almost everyone.

And they are now available here where we can use them the best: in tropical Thailand.

The largest and most reputable manufacturer of such AGP pools is INTEX. Believe us, you can trust this company. So, here we will feature INTEX AGP pools. Have a look around, we are sure you will find the one which suits you most.

We have lots of accessories for pools, lots of inflatable toys for the kids to play in the pools and lots of lounges to use on the pool just for leisurely floating. We also carry home and camping airbeds. Have a look at INTEX’s choice, you’ll be surprised.