Art. 28668 Intex KristalKlear Ozone & Saltwater System


Crystal clear water without the addition of extra chlorine or algaecide!
Thanks to the special technology, the device releases not only chlorine but also ozone into the pool water, which is currently considered the most effective means of eliminating bacteria and viruses. The advantages of the antibacterial properties of ozone and those of the chlorine generator are combined in a single device.

Purifies water 3,000 times faster than traditional chlorine. In addition, with 100 times more effectiveness, it can clean the pool without leaving unpleasant odors.

Art. 28668  Intex KristalKlear Ozone & Saltwater System

Pure, natural salt or sea salt is added to the pool water. It is best to use special salt for salt water systems or sea salt. Due to the low salt content in your pool water (sea water has an average of 3.5%), you will feel almost no salt, smell or taste. The only thing you feel is clear, fresh and soft water. As part of the daily filtration, the water is pumped through the electrolytic storage cells to produce the purest chlorine (electrolysis). This begins immediately with the destruction of bacteria, viruses, algae and other organic materials. The integrated electrolysis process reduces the amount of chlorine required by up to 70%. Since salt does not evaporate, this process repeats automatically every day when the Krystal Clear Salt Water System® is activated.

Can be used in pools with a maximum fill capacity of up to 56.77 m³
Requires a filter pump with a capacity of 5,678 to 15,140 l/h
Chlorine output quantity/release: 11 g/h
Ozone quantity 150 mg/h
Automatic timer with 24-hour cycle
Consumption: 125 W
Flow sensor
2 hoses of 38 mm, adapter A and clamps
Box Size: 29.21 cm x 42.55 cm x 34.93 cm
Shipping weight: 8.280 kg

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