Art. 26646 Intex Sand Filter Pump 4550 L (18 ft pool)



Art. 26646  Intex Sand Filter Pump 4550 L (18 ft pool)

Heavy duty sand tank with a diameter of 10in (25,4 cm)
Uses a 0,25 hp motor to achieve a 1’200 gph (4’550L/hr) flow rate
Sand requirement: 26 lb (12 kg) or Glass Filter Media requirement 18,5 lb (8,5 kg)
Best suited for above ground pools with 15 ft or larger diameter and water capacity of 1485 gal (5’621 L) or more
Easily operted in 6 modes: Standard Filtration, Backwash, Rinse Re-Circulate, Drain, and Close
Ergonomic handle for easier operation
Heavy duty tank
Durable pump enclosure for more protection
Pressure gauge
Automatic built-in 24-hour timer

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