Art. 28050 Intex Pool Canopy Shade for 12~18 feet Metal Frame and Ultra Frame Pools


Stay cool all day long with the Intex Pool Shade Canopy! The Pool Canopy is made from durable Dacron woven material that features a large vented window to allow a cooling air flow to pass through, keeping pool-goers refreshed and comfortable. The half-dome design provides an optimal shade area for your above ground pool, so everybody can escape the sun.

It’s also engineered with fiberglass ribs that provide a sturdy internal construction capable of withstanding winds up to 12 MPH. Best of all, installation and removal are incredibly simple: just four screws to securely fasten the canopy to your pool. In short, the Intex Pool Canopy is the perfect addition to any Intex Metal Frame or Ultra Frame pool.



Art. 28050  Intex Pool Canopy Shade for 12~18 feet Metal Frame and Ultra Frame Above Ground Pools

Create a shady area to cool off with Intex Pool Canopy
Fits around Intex metal frame and ultra frame pools from 12′-18′
Canopy is constructed with durable Dacron woven material
Fiberglass ribs create a strong internal frame
Installation and removal are quick and easy – add the shade on hot days or remove on cooler days
Large vented window provides for a cooling airflow
Four attachment points for a secure connection to the frame pool structure
Half-dome design casts shade to a large area of the pool
Lightweight for ease of installation, removal and storage
Can withstand winds up to 12mph
Dimensions: 3.9″ x 13.8″ x 47.2″ inch
Shipping weight: 3.8 kg

Regular: 5’990 Baht     Your Price: 3’990 Baht