Art. 26368 Intex Ultra XTR Rectangular Frame Pool Set w/Salt-Sand filter system


Art. 26368  Intex Ultra XTR Rectangualer Frame Pool Set w/Salt-Sand filter system

Size: 732 cm length, 366 cm width, height: 132cm
Set includes Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool, Intex sand filter system + salt water system 26676
hose connections, safety pool ladder with removable steps, pool cover, ground cloth, Intex hydro aeration technology
Water capacity (90%): 8,403 gallons (31,805 liters)
Crystal clear water without the addition of extra chlorine or algaecide!
Only use non-iodized salt.
This newly developed chlorine generator generation enables the natural elimination of bacteria, algae and other contaminants.
The salt water is hardly noticeable, but also has a healing effect on the skin
Simply add the salt to the pool and you’re done
Simply set the running time of the chlorinator, add salt to the water, and you’re done.
Amount of salt required: approx. 3 kg per 1000 liters
Warranty not same as in the US, there is a limited warranty
Box dimensions: 185x90x90
Shipping weight: 85.9 kg

Regular Price: 127’500 Baht Your Price: 85’000 Baht